Eckankar in South Africa

Discover spiritual truths about yourself as Soul, an eternal creative being.

Are you looking for someone to talk to who shares an interest in the ancient teaching or for keys to accelerate your pursuit of truth?


We offer discussions on how to gain the attributes of Soul: wisdom, power, love and freedom. 

The personal insights you gain can enrich your daily life, help open your Spiritual Eye and reveal the love of God in your own heart  

Advanced Spiritual Living Courses

ECK Membership offers a spiritual adventure and self-discovery courses for private study


Book Discussions and the Sound of Soul 


Join us via Zoom to engage with like-minded individuals


the HU - Sound of Soul. An ancient name for God used for thousands of years.

What is it all about?

Have you been looking for your life's purpose?

You are Soul.  A Soul adventure can awaken you to the love, wisdom, and creativity already within you.


Reincarnation allows people, like you and me, to have a chance to develop the quality of divine love. 

This opportunity comes through the hardships and uncertainties of life, as well as in the joys and fulfillment of living. So we develop the quality of divine love.

This love makes us more godlike beings.


Dreams touch every level of our life. They may let us glimpse the future, or give suggestions for healing, or share insights into our relationships. Above all, they can and will steer us more directly toward God.


Soul Travel transcends astral or mind travel, and rote prayer, elevating one into profound spiritual areas. Whenever Soul reaches the far orbits of the inner planes through Soul Travel, the human heart opens to God's all-consuming love.

Sri Harold Klemp

In 1981, American-born Harold Klemp, became the spiritual leader of Eckankar, path of Spiritual Freedom. As the Mahanta, he as a special ability to act as both the Inner and Outer Master of ECK students.
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